Life Inspired Photography in Boise

Life Inspired is probably a term you aren’t used to hearing when someone talks about their photography.  I’m inspired by the world around me.  I watch and listen to find the perfect moments to capture. My magic power is to see what is real and not worry about setting up the perfect photo.  

These photo sessions are your real life.  It’s early morning trying to get everyone moving, playing with the dog or a favorite toy, soccer games, bedtime stories…… If someone starts to draw on the wall, I’m not going to stop them - I’m going to photograph them.  If someone starts to jump on the bed, I’m not going to stop them - I’m going to photograph them.  I think you get the idea.

You will have an album so that when your children say ‘tell me a story about when I was little’ you can curl up on the sofa and show them.  Each photo will bring back memories and stories to tell.

And Life Inspired photography isn’t limited to family photography.  Commercial photography sessions work the same way to capture what your business is really about so you can show your customers what makes you great.

I offer several types of sessions to meet your family or your business’s needs.  Take a look below to learn more.

Day In The Life

It’s the everyday moments that make life special. These sessions capture your life from sunrise to sunset. You and your family can be yourselves - in own clothes - in a setting that feels natural to you. You get to experience life instead of trying to capture it on your cell phone.

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Life Moments

Capturing your family just as they are. These sessions are planned around activities that are meaningful to you.

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The warm light at sunset - the ‘golden hour’ - is perfect for photographs. These sessions start an hour before sunset to capture truly special portraits.

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Life Events

What story do you have to tell? A new baby at home, birthday, retirement or community event. These sessions tell the story of the special times in your life.

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Your Business

Where you work is not just a place. It’s about your team, the customers you serve and the experience you create. These sessions tell the real story of your business. In a workplace, I tell the real story of your business. You can then let your customers know what makes you great and showcase your team doing what they love.

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The trip of a lifetime, family reunion, volunteerism - these are experiences you want to remember with great photos. These sessions allow you to be fully engaged and be part of your vacation experience instead of trying to capture it on your cell phone.

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